Short-Term Serviced Accommodation in Singapore

Need a short-term serviced apartment in Singapore? Look no further than ST Residences!

Years ago, ST Residences’ founders themselves looked for a short term serviced apartments in Singapore for accommodation. Unfortunately, they have encountered several issues.


First of all, the mark-up on serviced apartments in Singapore was extremely high. Hence, it was difficult to find an affordable, budget-friendly option for a short stay. The option of renting a non-serviced apartment was also out because the standard residential lease is at least two years with no exit clause.


Moreover, we did not want to stress over the trouble and work we have to go through moving into a new place, such as setting up utilities and spending thousands of dollars on furniture and day-to-day necessities.

We understood from our personal experience that there was a gap in the market for affordable and comfortable apartments for rent in Singapore on a short-term basis. Deciding that we will solve these problems for future travellers, we have established ST Residences to address them.


This allows us to be a company that is passionate about making short stays at serviced apartments in Singapore as easy and straightforward as possible for our clients. Our website offers a huge variety of options that are comfortable and accessible via car and public transport in Singapore.

Aside from having short term whole unit rentals in Singapore for you to book at any time, we have set everything up for you as well. This ranges from the apartment itself to utilities, furniture and housekeeping and allows you to focus on the important parts of your trip, such as your itinerary or the list of things to pack.

Furthermore, most of our short-term accommodations have extra amenities and facilities like swimming pools, free access to a private gym as well as BBQ pits. It gives you the opportunity to relax comfortably after a long day outside.

You will see just how easy your life can be when you book with us! Why not make us your first choice in renting an apartment?


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Should you have any questions about renting our serviced apartments in Singapore for the short term, feel free to get in touch with our team! You may choose to submit a message on our online inquiry form or contact us via phone or email.

Terms of Service

A one-stop solution to furnished serviced apartments island-wide, ST Residences will provide the quality accommodation with contract flexibility and competitive rate, making your stay fuss-free.



  • While long term rental contracts have always been typical in Singapore, legal short term apartment rentals are possible too. Fortunately, ST Residences offers short-term lease apartments that provide the prospective tenants with a fuss-free move and precisely the same benefits a long term rental apartment offers. This allows individuals who might just need a place to crash for a short period. You can book for as short as 6 nights at ST Residences Novena, or minimum 3 months for our other residential serviced apartments.
  • ST Residences offers short-term whole unit rental in Singapore that offers affordability and convenience. For foreigners who have a valid social visit pass of minimum 1 month, you can consider staying at ST Residences Novena. For other residential apartments with minimum 3 months lease, foreign nationals need to have valid work passes and/or visa with at least 3 months validity, except for visa-exempted countries.
  • Short stay serviced apartments require lesser commitment. Many individuals that choose to rent short-term lease apartments do so for the flexibility that long term rental does not offer. Perhaps you need a temporary home while your house is under renovations, or you have friends/family visiting short-term and it is too expensive to stay in a hotel, or you have a month-long business trip to Singapore, ST Residences offer short-term lease options to fill up the gap in the market for comfortable and affordable short-term stays within your budget. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our competitive rates.


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